We do not charge any venue hire fee and only put in place minimum spend requirements in the case that a customer wants exclusive access to a particular space(s). The amount for the minimum spend will depend on a number of different factors such as time of the year, day of the week, which space(s) is to be used and expected number of participants. Please let our function managers know the basic details for your function such as date, time, expected number of participants and venue space(s) required. We will then let you know the amount for the minimum spend. Any amounts spent by any participants of the function (including food, drinks, Little Way decoration/hire services) counts towards the minimum spend.

Yes, our Chefs are experienced at meeting an array of different dietary requirements. Please ask your guests if they have any particular dietary requirements and let the function manager know by email or telephone 7 days in advance.
In the case you would like to go ahead with a booking, we will place a booking in the system and require payment of a deposit within 7 days. Once the deposit is received, the booking is secured. The amount of the deposit varies on the type of function but is usually around 10% of the estimated spend. In the case that you wish to cancel your function after paying the deposit, we will return the deposit as long as you notify us at least 14 days before your function date.
It is much appreciated if final numbers can be submitted at least 1 week before your function date but we do allow changes to numbers any time up until 24 hours before your function. Any reduction in numbers or ‘no shows’ are charged for after this 24 hour deadline.

Little Way can take all the stress out of organising decorations. We have standard packages and our staff will do all the work with both setting up the decorations and packing it away at the end of your function. This massive convenience is priced from only $10 per person (with a minimum total set up fee of $150 per function). We also arrange personalised signs and hire stands. You can even hire our mobile bar to wheel out to your function and it comes with a dedicated bar tender. We have a long list of hire equipment for those additonal special touches. Please see our Function Decorations and Hire Service pack online for detailed information.

Even if you would like to arrange decorations yourself, please feel free to browse our Function Decorations and Hire Service pack for hire equipment such as plinth, various vases, tableclothes, cloth napkins, fruit bowls, dried flower bouquets, table runners and so on.

Should you prefer to decorate yourself rather than use one of Little Way’s decoaration packages, there are many photos on our Instagram page @littlewaynedlands of previous customer’s beautiful creations. If you have exclusive access to a particular space, you can decorate as you like as long as no damage is caused to the venue. Even if you are sharing a space with other customers, it is fine to decorate as long as it does not intrude on the space of other customers. We ask that customers put any candles in a vessel so as wax does not drip on the tables or floor. We also do not allow confetti as it is a nightmare for our staff to clean up.

Please feel free to bring in your decorations early and we will store them in our office (subject to space being available). If you are bringing in large items such as backdrops which require access to the venue through the front gates, prior written permission is required from the function manager, and it is necessary to arrange appropriate drop off and pick up times so as not to adversely impact other customers. You and your venders can access the space 30 minutes before your function starts. Should you wish to pick up your decorations on the day after your function, this is fine but we ask you to do this in between the hours of 7 am – 7.30am. 

All adult participants are required to go on to the same set menu. For example, if the organiser chooses a two course set menu and elects to have entrees and mains, all guests need to go for the same option. However, in the case of High Tea and Bottomless Brunch, guests can choose which drinks option they would like to go on on the day – tea/coffee. For example, some may choose the bottomless virgin option while others choose the bottomless alcohol option.

In regards to young children, we have a $20 Kids Breakfast Set Menu (including a drink) as well as a $20 Kids Lunch/Dinner Set Menu.

We are more than happy for our function customers to bring in a cake for their celebration. Should you wish to drop the cake off early, we have a large walk-in coolroom where we will store it for you. In the case that you are prepared to cut up the cake yourself, we do not charge any cakeage fee. We provide everything that you need such as a cake knife, cake forks, plates and napkins. Should you prefer that our chefs cut up and plate your cake, there is a $2 per person cakeage charge.

In the case of rain, we will make every effort to switch customers to a shelter area out of the rain, subject to availability. We encourage function customers to keep an eye on the long term weather forecast and if you are concerned about the risk of rain, contact us as soon as possible to check availability of our inside spaces.

We deliver music to all sections of the venue and use Spotify. Should you have a restaurant appropriate play list, we are happy to play it during your function (subject to prior approval from Little Way management). In the case that you have exclusive access to a space, we can turn off the restaurant music to that section and you can play your own music via a small portable speaker. In such a case, the volume of the music cannot be any higher than the standard volume of the restaurant music system.

As Little Way is in a mixed commercial/residential area, should you wish to have a musician (using electrical amplification equipment) perform at your function, you will need to seek prior approval from the Environmental Health Department of the City of Nedlands. Please call them on 08 9273 3500 and ask to speak to the Environmental Health Department. Once you have written approval, please email to us at [email protected]

It is our understanding that City of Nedlands will be reluctant to allow DJs. If you wish to have a solo acoustic artist perform at your function, you are not required to seek approval from City of Nedlands, but you are still required to obtain written approval from Little Way management.

Should you wish to offer drinks to your guests, we recommend that you run a bar tab. You can choose which drinks you would like to offer under the bar tab and we will make you up a structured bar tab drinks menu. Alternatively, should you wish to have your guests come up to the bar and purchase their own drinks, that is also possible.


Of course, should you choose the two hour bottomless option for High Tea or Bottomless Brunch, drinks are included.

Little Way has recently purchased a cool little mobile bar that we can wheel out to your function in one of our outdoor spaces. It includes your own dedicated bar tender and you can structure the drinks list. The total hire fee is $95 per hour (plus the cost of any drinks consumed). See our Function Pack for more details.

We ask that customers don’t do split billing for functions. Please pay for the set menu portion of the bill (minus the deposit) before your function starts. Drinks and any further purchases by function participants need to be settled on the day.


Any variation to these payment arrangements must be pre-approved in writing by Little Way management at least 48 hours prior to the function date.

Let’s face it, we are never too old to play games and what better way to liven up a party! In the case that you have exclusive access to a space, please feel free to indulge. In the case that you are sharing a space with other customers, we ask that you be respectful and limit any excessive noise. In the new Park space we have games such as bean bag chuck, 10 pin bowling and skittles, so feel free to enjoy.

We also welcome performers but this is subject to prior approval from Little Way management.

Little Way does not have onsite parking but there is ample parking street side along Broadway as well as a large parking area at the end of Broadway opposite the river. Please do not use the onsite parking at Duet or any of the surrounding businesses / private residences. 

Yes, we have a PA system equiped with 2 x microphones and an amplifier/speaker. The hire cost is $120 per function and this includes set up and pack down fee. 

We take limited reservations, but we welcome all enquiries at [email protected]